Sunday, 3 April 2011

New Fotheringay DVD

Fotheringay with Sandy Denny - The Lost Broadcasts (CD+DVD)
Release Date: [originally given as] 6 June 2011
Label: Gonzo

The session featured on this CD/DVD package was filmed for German TV in October 1970 and includes four songs. 'Too Much Of Nothing' was part of the original broadcast on the Beat-Club programme back in 1970 and 'Gypsy Davey' turned up on a compilation programme in the late 80's. 'Nothing More' and 'John The Gun' have been unseen until now.

Contents: 1. Too Much Of Nothing 2. Gypsy Davey 3. Nothing More 4. John The Gun

Press release [dead link]
Buy at Amazon UK

Postscript, July 2011: Amazon is now notifying customers that this item is unavailable and cancelling their orders. It looks doubtful that the DVD will ever appear: something to do with uncleared rights.


Kurt said...

Has this been released yet and has anyone received a copy yet?

peterM said...

Revised release date 20 June--allegedly! A bit like fairport at ebbets field, these dates are works of fiction.Good when it finally arrives though.

N McLaughlin said...

When I emailed voiceprint, they stated that they hope for September/October at this point, but have no concrete release date.
-N. McLaughlin